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9″ Markers

9″ BioDegradable Markers

13″ Markers

24″ Markers


Customized Engraving Services

When our weatherproof labels won’t do, use our labels that are suitable for all types of weather! The labels are made from acrylic plastics that are UV-Resistant and attached to the face plate with high strength spray adhesive.

Engraved MarkerSeries_2020.2
Label Size 5 6-50 51-100 100+
2.875″x1.875″ $5.99 $5.79 $5.49 $5.29
4″x2.5″ $6.99 $6.79 $6.49 $6.29
5″x4″ $8.99 $8.79 $8.49 $8.29
7″x5″ $10.99 $10.79 $10.49 $10.29

2.875″ x 1.875″ fits BM900 series (9″ flat)
4″ x 2.5″ fits BM1330 series (13″ angled)
5″ x 4″ fits BM2430 series (24″ angled) markers.
7″ x 5″ can fit the BM2430 series (24″ angled) markers. 
NEW! We can now offer larger labels up to 24″ x 18″ in multiple colors.

*Price does not include the plant identification markers. Call us at 319-270-4507 or email to discuss your specific needs and projects!

Custom Label Printing
Want to save time and maybe a little frustration when it’s time to begin the labeling process all those new markers you just purchased? Now you can let us do it for you! Whether it’s one sheet or several, they will be done professionally and quickly. Just send an email to, or call 319-270-4507 to get started with a quote. Call or email now!