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About Us

MCG BioMarkers was formed in early 2009 out of a need seen by CEO and Founder Sam McCord of MCG BioComposites, LLC while marketing the biocomposites materials to various commercial and industrial companies that produce plastic products for the automotive, agriculture and horticulture markets. MCG BioComposites began operations in August 2007 by Founder and President/CEO Sam McCord, Mary McCord, Vice President/Partner and three other Partners to provide sales, marketing and commercialization of biobased materials. MCG BioComposites arose from Mr. McCord’s many years of involvement in the plastics industry. His leadership of the Society of Plastics Engineers led to his associates requesting that he represent the industry on the Iowa Biomass Working Group, a group formed by the Advanced Manufacturing Research and Collaboration Cluster. The collective of farm, academic, government and metal manufacturing representatives worked to encourage local, state and county entities to purchase Iowa bio-renewable products. Mr. McCord helped two private entities commercialize biobased materials that use Iowa-grown switch grass and kenaf fibers. MCG BioComposites was a natural next step for Mr. McCord, as it combined his expertise in plastics and biobased materials with his leadership experience. Mr. McCord started MCG BioComposites to handle the growth in biobased materials. His other business, McCord Consulting Group, Inc., was a separate entity that provided executive search, business development consulting and business acquisition search to the plastics industry nationwide. In 2015 McCord Consulting Group, Inc., was merged into MCG Bio Composites LLC to offer a unique and effective combination of critical business services. Products are protected under United States Design Patent US D718,992 S.